Genius is committed to zero environmental pollution and zero workplace injuries. All of our working partners, visitors and customers should give priority to environmental pollution prevention and workplace safety in all work areas.


We realize the importance of predicting dangers, eliminating disasters, and preventing pollution. Based on the goal of ensuring the sustainable development of the enterprise, safety and health of employees, and pursuing the company's growth and sustainable operations, we promise to follow the following principles to implement operation of environmental, safety, and hygiene management system:

Conform to the Laws

Our company complies with applicable laws, regulations and other requires.

Risk Control

Promote environmental protection, hazard identification, prevention and assessment. Implement risk and opportunity management and control.

Safety Workplace

Build a safety and healthy environment, ensure the physical and mental safety and health of colleagues.

Promote Health

To improve the health of all employees through health promotion and management implementation.

Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction

Cherish the environment resource, save the energy and reduce carbon emissions. Build a sustainable development green Enterprise.

Keep Improvement

Continuously improve the environmental, safety, and health management system and correct non-conformities to improve the performance in environmental, safety, and health.

Participate and Consultation

Support workers and anyone who act Genius' Business Partners to consult, participate, and respond appropriately and protect them to achieve the goal of full participation.

Sustainable Operation

Effectively operate the environmental, safety, and health management system, continuously review and improve, and fulfill corporate social responsibilities at the same time.